Truong Sa Archipelago: a symbol of sovereignty in the hearts of expatriate Vietnamese

Since 2012, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’s State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs has cooperated with the Naval High Command in organising trips to Truong Sa (Spratly) island district and DK1 marine platform for Vietnamese expatriates living over the world.

In the last days of May, more than 40 overseas Vietnamese (OV) representing the 5.3 million-strong OV community visited 10 islands covering over 1,000 nautical miles to Truong Sa Island.

Visiting Truong Sa is considered a patriotic act that affirms Vietnam’s sovereignty over the sea and islands in this region. Setting foot on Truong Sa’s soil, Vietnamese expats experience the sacred islands and listen to touching stories there. In taking part in the tour, the OVs came to understand what it means to be Vietnamese and to be posted for a tour of duty on this island.

Story 1: A journey toward national unity