Every day at 6am, Thuy, who lives in Hanoi’s Ciputra urban area, is busy washing vegetables to make detox juice for the whole family. Tying her hair neatly, she opens the refrigerator to take out vegetables that have been washed the previous day make juice and others to mix with oatmeal for breakfast with her husband and children.

Over the last 5 years, new nutritious foods such as brown rice and whole-grain oats; nuts rich in protein and polyunsaturated fats like macadamia, walnuts and almonds; honey, dates and raisins replace sugar have become an indispensable part of daily meals for Thuy’s family and many other urban households.


“My agency has an eat clean team. In the office we talk about what to drink, what to eat, how to detox,” Thuy said smiling while showing an eye-catching dark red beetroot juice bottle.

According to Thuy, a healthy life means people’s needs are no longer “eating enough and wearing warm clothes”, but instead “eating well and wearing nice clothes”. As a result, on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, forums on healthy eating, diets and exercising methods (lowcarb, keto, yoga, pilates…) and new food trends (nut milk, juice, detox tea, energy bars…) are becoming more and more popular.

The Youtube and Instagram channels of domestic and foreign “KOLs”, or “influencers”, with clips on how to prepare healthy foods and detox drinks, and exercises to lose weight and stretch muscles, have millions of followers and comments from students to office workers and even middle-aged housewives.

On these forums, they can share their efforts to lose or gain weight, share nutritious menus, or listen to encouragement from these groups to exercise or compliments on delicious and well-presented meals. People in the same forum or between forums are now well connected, forming a green living community and setting new living standards.

A “healthy and balanced” life is increasingly being upgraded and becoming more comprehensive, including staying strong both physically and mentally, while striving for a fit and supple body as well as a socially responsible lifestyle.

More and more Vietnamese people now care more about what they eat and drink, and the quality of the ingredients in the products they consume. They pay attention to not only “eating well” and “eating clean”, but also “eating well-presented dishes”. Preparing, cooking and designing healthy and delicious meals are a real joy for many office workers.

These images are shared on social networks and show pride in beautiful, healthy and happy food.

This is helping to spread the concept of a healthy lifestyle to others thanks to the “crowd effect” which is helping people to motivate themselves. This shows that a healthy lifestyle is not a temporary trend but a sustainable need


Along with the expansion of the “eat clean, live green” community, the eating habits of Vietnamese people are also changing. If in the past, consumers often only focused on taste, now the “healthy living” generation pays heed to ingredients and product origin.

Vietnamese consumers are increasingly aware of and shifting to healthy, all-natural, fresh, low-sugar products, those with high fibre, vegetable protein and minerals, and organic products with original flavours.

Consumers following a healthy, eat clean diet often use whole grains such as corn, brown rice, whole oats, fruits, vegetables, fats and proteins in appropriate portions. They choose products with balanced nutrition, helping to create a balanced physique and sustainable health, instead of the unhealthy diets of the past.

This shows that nutritional balance is increasingly important to consumers. According to the Vietnam Nutrition Market Report 2020 conducted by market research company Konvoi, milk, dairy products and healthy nutritional products continue to be the top choices among Vietnamese consumers, especially in rural areas where the rate of undernourished children is still high. With double-digit growth over the past 5 years, the nutrition market is forecast to continue accelerating and reach 9 billion USD annually by 2025.

When the COVID-19 pandemic broke out in 2020, Vietnamese consumers became interested in healthy diets. They gave up a lifestyle of eating junk food and being dependent on electronic devices, and turned to natural, clean, healthy, immune-boosting foods.

2020 saw a year-on-year increase of 51 percent in sales of immune system nutritional products. A high-fibre diet including fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and nuts provides essential nutrients such as vitamin C, zinc and selenium that help optimize the body’s immunity, especially in the context of the pandemic.

Products which are rich in vitamins, low in sugar and high in nutritional content are sought after by discerning consumers. Healthy drinks take the throne and draw the most attention today. In particular, milk combined with oats and highly nutritious nuts such as macadamia and walnut promises to be one of the most popular consumer products in the future.


So why is oat milk preferred above others? A neutral taste, reasonable price, optimal nutritional content with ingredients rich in protein, beta-glucan, fibre and minerals, oat milk can maintain cholesterol levels that are beneficial for people with cardiovascular diseases.

In particular, oats are also a safe ingredient as they are mainly hypoallergenic and can be combined with other ingredients without conflict. That’s why they have become a top choice for food businesses, with Oatly and Starbucks being pioneers in the global market and TH TRUE MILK in Vietnam. TH TRUE MILK has just launched pasteurized fresh TH TRUE MILK LIGHT MEAL with real oats. This was the first product of its kind to appear in Vietnam at the time of launch in December 2021.

With limited time, housewives and office workers often suffer a headache with questions like “What to eat today? What’s both delicious and nutritious, without weight gain?” TH TRUE MILK LIGHT MEAL meets that demand for a safe “all in one” product”.

The harmonious combination of pure fresh milk with oats and macadamia nut and walnut extracts provides a delicate flavour and nutrition for a “light meal” of pasteurized fresh milk with cereal.

TH’s pasteurized fresh milk with cereal can be enjoyed for breakfast, a light afternoon meal, and even dinner for dieters thanks to its convenience.

Dung Nguyen from Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi, said: “I was quite surprised when TH launched whole grain milk. Most nut milk products on the market are finely ground and soluble, but TH’s is different as it still contains whole oat grains, ensuring a natural flavour. So, I feel full for a long time and enjoy the texture.”

In addition, the presence of nut extracts such as macadamia nut and walnut both help increase the nutritional content of milk and stimulate the taste buds. “I drank TH milk with cereal and liked the rich nutrition and light sweetness. The combination of milk and oats is marvelous. It is not sour like other types of milk on the market. In the morning, I just need to drink one box,” said Nguyen Thi Yen from Hoang Mai district, Hanoi.

 While oats are a superior source of protein thanks to balanced amino acids and higher protein content than many other grains, containing more antioxidants (notably avenanthramides – a group of antioxidants found almost exclusively in oats), macadamia and walnuts offer unsaturated fats (omega-3, omega-6) and help reduce cholesterol levels and the risk of cardiovascular diseases when combined with a healthy diet that is rich in antioxidants and provides a variety of vitamins and minerals.


TH TRUE MILK LIGHT MEAL is expected to be adopted as a healthy nutritional solution, replacing conventional fast foods which are high in sugar and fat. The product is suitable for diets that support weight control for those who choose a healthy lifestyle.

“After a yoga session, the muscles need to recharge with natural products. I think TH’s pasteurized fresh milk with cereals is the answer. Happiness comes from a balance between both mental and physical health. And happiness comes from the fact that we know how to take care of ourselves first, with both exercise and nutrition. I can do it, so I’m always full of energy,” said Doctor Minh Hai in Dong Da district, Hanoi.

Choosing TH for yoga and meditation to improve health is “finding a balance”.

So what makes the product so attractive and trusted? TH TRUE MILK LIGHT MEAL is the optimal nutritional combination of pure fresh milk from TH Farm, which was recognized as “the world’s largest high-tech concentrated farm cluster with the largest closed production process in the world”, and natural wholegrain oats imported from Europe, and premium walnut and macadamia nut extracts.

The product meets two of the most prominent trends in the world food industry in recent years, including a change in consumer behavior that is gradually shifting to plant nutrition and sugar reduction. According to a market study conducted in late 2019, about 70 percent of Vietnamese people surveyed said they preferred to choose low-sugar or sugar-free products.

TH Group has caught up with these trends with pioneering and innovative nutritional solutions such as TH TRUE MILK LIGHT MEAL in order to contribute to public health by providing healthy nutritional solutions on the journey to “touching happiness” with consumers.


Striving to affirm its position as the leading fresh milk producer in Vietnam for 10 years, TH has set itself as “truly natural” and “healthy”. Continuing to expand the product ecosystem, TH pioneers creating healthy drinks, with all-natural, low-sugar and sugar-free products helping to improve consumer habits.

In order to better meet the diverse needs of consumers and increase competitiveness, TH Group has been researching nutritional solutions from clean fresh milk for a wide range of consumers, while continuing to build its nutritional expertise and pioneering in creativity and innovation to provide consumers with healthy nutritional solutions.

For many years, TH’s research and development unit has made great efforts to create clean fresh dairy products that meet the diverse needs of different consumer groups. Organic fresh milk was released in 2017, then A2 fresh milk in late 2018. TH TRUE MILK A2 is an easy-to-digest product that is suitable for the whole family, including those who are lactose intolerant.

The TH TRUE NUT product range is a breakthrough and the first product on the market to combine nut milk and fresh milk. It boosts protein, calcium, micronutrients and amino acids, and is good for the skeletal-muscular system, and and has preventive effects against chronic non-communicable diseases of the 21st century such as obesity, diabetes, blood lipids and cancer.

Recently, before launching TH TRUE MILK LIGHT MEAL, TH Group introduced its first HILO products (high calcium and low fat) made from clean fresh milk with a 70 percent calcium increase, 60 percent fat reduction, and no lactose and no refined sugar.

TH’s R&D team, including nutrition and food experts and researchers, has developed TH TRUE MILK HILO into an easy-to-digest product suitable for lactose-intolerant people, those who need a calcium boost in specific stages of development or ages, people who need to maintain and improve their physique, and overweight or obese people.

Happiness comes from simple, idyllic and practical things, and so, TH – True Happiness – makes it easier for Vietnamese people to achieve that goal.

CThanks to TH Group’s diverse nutritional products, now Vietnamese families do not need to waste time searching for nutritious products such as TH TRUE MILK HILO, TH TRUE NUT, TH TRUE MILK LIGHT MEAL, etc.

Thuy, from Hanoi’s Ciputra, shared that perhaps the ultimate purpose of everyone’s life is to find joy and happiness. It seems far away, but it’s around us, lying in a bowl of rice and a glass of clean milk every day./.